Foreign Scholarship Branch


  • To perform the oversea training tasks that upgrade staff efficiency to accomplish education policy and objectives set by the government
  • To carry out awarding scholarship, sending to the trainings and tour study, attending workshop and seminar on education connecting with ASEAN countries, international organizations and United Nations Organization
  • To manage for getting their extensive period of the trainees from Ministry of Education who study abroad
  • To carry out to get the opportunity for the foreigners to attend the Myanmar Language Trainings at University of Foreign Languages
  • To manage the offer to send Visiting Professors of Myanmar Language to the foreign countries
  • To carry out the meetings and trainings conducted at the Centre for History and Tradition (SEAMEO)
  • To undertake to the tasks such as passports, visa and expenses for uniforms and pocket money for those who are going to over-sea trainings
  • To perform the scholarship awards allotted to the Ministry of Education in time
  • To carry out and report to be able to send to the meetings, seminars, trainings and workshops that have been applied through the internet
  • To make a list of the people who have attended the tour study, seminar and meeting from Ministry of Education
  • To submit the reports of the scholars who attended the seminar, workshop and meeting
  • To investigate the certificates submitted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs